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Lubbock residents exercise their civic duty

Lubbock residents exercise their civic duty

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Hail to the Chief, indeed. Did you vote in this year’s Presidential election? Photojournalist Chana Elgin spent the day touring Lubbock polling places. [nggallery id=65]

“Freedom Is Not Free”: 9/11 Remembrance

“Freedom Is Not Free”: 9/11 Remembrance

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More than 5,000 Lubbock residents paid tribute to the victims of 9/11 this past weekend. The 10-year anniversary spurred several events in the city. Locals gathered at Pfluger Fountain in Texas Tech’s Memorial Circle Friday evening to honor those who lost their lives in 2001. Lieutenant Colonel Michelle Holliday was the guest speaker at the […]

Texas Tech does not ban alcoholic energy beverages, promotes safe drinking

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Washington State University and the state of Michigan banned beverages that combine alcohol and caffeine, knows as alcoholic energy drinks, because of safety concerns. Texas Tech University has not formally discussed banning alcoholic energy drinks, but the university does have programs and policies instituted to promote responsibility in regard to drinking. The alcoholic energy drink […]

Lubbock is helping with Haiti recovery

Lubbock is helping with Haiti recovery

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The devastating earthquake that hit Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010 has affected people all over the world, including Lubbock, Texas. Local businesses and charities are working to send relief to the survivors. Breedlove Foods Inc., United Supermarkets, Texas Tech Federal Credit Union, American State Bank and even an elementary school are reaching out to raise […]

Citizens Suffer From Salmonella Spread

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From poultry to peanuts, infectious bacteria is making its way into the stomachs of Americans across the country. The recent salmonella scare surrounding peanut products has resulted in more than 600 contamination cases nationwide and nine deaths. Origin of Salmonella Leslie Thompson, professor and associate department chair of Texas Tech’s College of Agricultural Sciences and […]

Fires in California

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The fires last week in California left thousands without their homes and many leaving behind everything they own to flee for their safety. Not only were the fires the top story on every national newscast, they covered entertainment news channels because of the celebrities that were being affected. Although I was born in raised in […]

“Nappy Headed Ho’s” Just another stereotype

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As a female basketball player, I was amazed at all of the stereotypes that were waiting for me when I came to college. I can remember approaching two guys who played football outside of the student union with one of my teammates. I was finally tired of people whispering behind my back. “Do you think […]