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Student Disability Services host Deaf Bingo

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The Texas Tech University Student Union Building fell silent with excitement as students and Lubbock residents played along to a new take on an old game.

On Tuesday April 14, Texas Tech Student Disabilities Services hosted Deaf Bingo for students to participate in as a part of Diversity Week.

James Whitfield, Assistant Director of Student Disabilities Services, said the event originated with the idea of trying to expose students to what deaf or students with hearing problems experience in the classroom.

“They have to have accommodations to get equal access to the information being presented to them,” Whitfield said.

He said that students who did not know sign language very well, or any at all, were given reference sheets, or accommodations, to help them translate what was being signed.

The idea behind this was to demonstrate what students with hearing issues go through on a daily basis, and demonstrate how often students can take hearing for granted.

“You have deaf and hard hearing students going into classrooms and having issues with having to use sign language interpreters remote cart, any kind of transcription, to try to get the lecture in a way or form that they can understand,” Whitfield said.

Tamara Dabila, nursing student from South Plains University, said she attended the event for a class but was surprised with how much fun she had participating.

She said coming into the event she knew very little sign language and sometimes struggled to keep up with the interpreters.

“It was a little frustrating because you have to look here,” Dabila said pointing to her reference sheet, “and then look up, and then look to make sure you got the right number, but it was exciting.”

Dabila said despite her struggles, she found the event to be educational and wished it had ran longer than three rounds.

“I learned some of the numbers” Dabila said, “and there was different signs, shortcuts, instead of doing it the long way.”

Dabila said that the event was a good way to allow students to participate in something that they would otherwise not be a part of.

James Whitfield said Student Disability Services provides various accommodations for individuals with psychological, learning, and reading disabilities, on top of mobility, trauma, and chronic illnesses.

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