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Comfort Over Couture

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College students accumulate a lot of t-shirts. Picture by Bree Waldie.

College students accumulate a lot of t-shirts. Picture by Bree Waldie.

Danielle Hathcoat, Janet Moreno, and Bree Waldie contributed to this story.

Although it is not a look you see on fashion runways, women on college campuses have adopted a new uniform.

In recent years, female college students have chosen to dress down when headed to class. This look typically consists of leggings or Nike shorts, oversized t-shirts, and riding boots or Chaco sandals.

Bibianaa Faia, a freshman sociology major, said she was unsure of why this comfortable trend caught on.

“Honestly, I think that it was just one day someone was like ´I’m gonna wear a big shirt and leggings’ and then it just kind of caught on, I guess,” Faia said.

Faia said she has a plethora of leggings, shorts, and oversized t-shirts. She said her t-shirt drawer is so full, it does not close properly.

On the Nike website, there are over 25 colors and patterns available in their popular Tempo cut. Kristen Epperson, a junior history major, said Nike shorts are a must have clothing item for her.

“At least a drawer full, I don’t even know how many I have, but I have a lot,” Epperson said. “During the summer that’s, like, my go-to. I just grab that and I’m ready to go, I don’t even have to think about it”

When it is not warm enough outside for Nike shorts, female college students tend to pull on leggings. Whether they are plain, black cotton or have cats on them, students say they are looking for comfort when it comes to getting dressed.

A leggings look is not complete without an oversized t-shirt, according to Faia. She said it is important to remain modest when picking an outfit.

“You don’t want to wear a small shirt with leggings,” Faia said, “because you want it to be able to cover everything that needs to be covered.”

Faia said she realizes the look is not the most fashionable, but she cares more about comfort. She said this trend makes her look decent, which is good enough for her.

Even though Faia thinks she looks good, some men may disagree. Isaac Zapata, a sophomore advertising major at South Plains College, said he does not like this look. He said a girl who dresses like this is a deciding factor in whether or not he would date her.

“I want a girl that is more original than that,” Zapata said.

Andrea Ruiz, a freshman petroleum engineering major, said she wears yoga pants and big shirts, but she tries to stay unique.

“I try to make my own style,” Ruiz said. “I don’t really try to follow exactly what they’re (girls) wearing, so I don’t really feel out of place, but I don’t feel like I look the same.”

Rachel Ruhman, a fashion design major, said she does not mind the look. However, as an aspiring fashion designer, she does wish there was more inspiration around campus.

“I think as a fashion design major, I do wish people dressed up a little more for class, because that way I would be able to get a little more inspired,” Ruhman said. “If you’re around fashion, you’re able to create more, and it would create a better environment for style.”

Marisa Ruiz, a junior advertising major, said although she dresses sloppily now, she will dress better after college. She said she might as well enjoy this time in her life, and being comfortable helps.

This trend began a few years ago, but students agree it will eventually fade out.

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