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Studying Abroad Provides New Experiences

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Studying abroad is peeking the interest of students all over the country with the benefits it can potentially provide for their future.

Sophomore Kirsten Terveer studied abroad last May during a Maymester for the College of Visual & Performing Arts “Music of Italy” program.

“I did the program just for something fun because I thought it would be a great experience to do,” Terveer said.

Junior Natalie Butler spent a whole semester abroad this past fall, and had some motivation to go abroad.

“I decided to go after my sister studied abroad and had a wonderful time as well,” Butler said.

Terveer and Butler had a great time, but studying abroad is costly.

Mandatory tuition and fees for Texas Tech University main campus for Spring 2015.

Mandatory tuition and fees for Texas Tech University main campus for Spring 2015.

According to the Texas Tech Student Business Services web site, the mandatory tuition & fees for a Tech student taking 15 credit hours this spring was $4,678.80.

Butler said her study abroad trip cost her about $16,000. Her parents helped her pay for some of it, but she was awarded three scholarships.

“It’s expensive, yes, but it’s definitely worth it.” Butler said.

Sophomore Caitlin Scorgie will travel to Greece in the fall to study abroad, and it will not affect her projected graduation date.

“I will still be taking a full 12 hours in Greece so I’ll still be on schedule.” Scorgie said.

Terveer, Butler, and sophomore Annalee Haag all agree that study abroad is a great experience.

“I really loved it.” Haag said. “It helped me get out of my comfort zone.”

Haag experienced study abroad while at sea for half of her time overseas. Their ship stopped in 10 different countries, notably in Ireland, Portgual, and Scotland, and she had favorites along the way.

“Poland for the food, Norway for the natural beauty, and Scotland for the people because they were so nice,” Haag said.

Scorgie is looking forward to traveling abroad, and says it sets you apart on a resume, and you have the potential to look better for future job applications.

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