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On-Campus Job Fair Provides Opportunities

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Photos and written story by Janet Moreno. Video by Regine Cliatt.

The first on-campus student employment job fair took place Wednesday, April 22 in the Red Raider Lounge at the Student Union Building. Students seeking employment had the opportunity to speak with employers from Tech’s student union and activities, student housing, hospitality services, parking services and recreational sports.

Casandra Suarez, student union activities coordinator, said rather than being competitors, this year all of the auxiliary Tech departments decided to team up and hire students as one big group.

“I think it’s just a great opportunity for students to get experience and I think they learn so many valuable skills when they’re here,” Suarez said.

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All majors and classifications were welcome to apply. Students were given a stamp card and those who received a stamp from each department table had the opportunity to enter a prize drawing. The prizes included concert tickets to Lady Antebellum; parking passes, massage vouchers, and free textbooks.

Anthony Ikeogu, a junior petroleum engineer major, said the job fair was very helpful and he hopes it will help him find a summer job.

“It’s nice that you just have to fill out one application and its going to be sent to everybody and there are different varieties of the campus that come together,” Ikeogu said. “So there is the hospitality, the housing, sports, and the recreation center, so it’s a nice diverse group of people where it’s going to be easy to find something that might suit you.”

Sophomore criminology major Delfino Moncivais said he enjoyed the job fair and was provided with valuable information.

“I liked how many options they have here on campus,” Moncivais said. “It wasn’t just a direct site where you apply and hope that you get something. They had the individual subcommittees here on campus.”

Suarez said the turnout was higher than expected and some students were even lined up outside the doors waiting for the job fair to begin. She also said Tech plans to host another campus job fair during the fall semester.

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