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Warm Weather Brings Sibling Weekend New Life

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This past weekend, more than 150 grade school-aged children swarmed the Texas Tech University campus.

Now in its seventh year, Texas Tech’s Sibling Weekend had the university play host to its students’ younger brothers or sisters.

“When I went to college I had a younger brother that was in kindergarten, and so it was really tough for us to see each other,” Pamela Carrizales, the unit coordinator for parent and family relations, said. “Opportunities like this would’ve been nice for us.”

Carrizales said her department tries to keep the event new and exciting for each year.

“We have one student, who [he and his cousin] has been to every single sibling weekend,” she said. “Its kind of neat because we have several reoccurring folks so we like to switch it up. So next year the schedule might be completely different.”

Carrizales said the event is usually held earlier in the spring semester but unexpected snowstorms caused it to be postponed this year.

“We’d had this weekend planned since last semester and so we had about 220 folks registered for February and we decided the weather is pretty bad so we ended up just calling it the day before.”

For $45 per participant, Carrizales said students and their siblings receive a t-shirt, backpack, several meals, and a ticket to that weekend’s Texas Tech baseball game.

Boarding isn’t one of the expenses covered, however, Carrizales said siblings have the option to stay in the dorms with their student counterparts (if the two are of the same gender) or in their family’s hotel room.

“It’s like camping style so you can get a sleeping bag and sleep on the floor or share a bed,” she said. “So it’s kind of tough but some are down for it. It’s like having a slumber party. It’s fun to have your little brother or sister just hang out with you and just watch movies and stay up late because they don’t get to do that all the time.”

Carrizales said sibling weekend provides youngsters a chance to step into the daily life of a college student by offering activities like a sporting events, sharing a dorm space, and listening to a classroom lecture.

“It’s an opportunity for Texas tech siblings to come and visit the campus and just kind of experience what it’s like to be a red raider,” she said.

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