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Raider Rojos Hispanic Alumni

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According to the best colleges website, 49% of Hispanic high school graduates enrolled at a post-secondary, public institution in 2012. Some of these Hispanic students end up at Texas Tech University.

Because more Hispanics are attending colleges and universities, a Hispanic chapter of the Texas Tech Alumni Association was formed. It is called Raiders Rojos Alumni.

The organization has been connecting graduates with other professionals and career opportunities.


Justin Miranda is the president-elect of the organization, and he said the connections he has made by joining Raiders Rojos have benefited him.

“Covenant gave me a scholarship [through Raiders Rojos], well the CEO now, I actually work for him,” Miranda said, “and I have become a good colleague with him now.”

Rebecca Ramirez is the president of the organization, and she said Raiders Rojos is a better organization to join because it does not demand too much time.

“I’m active in different organizations,” Ramirez said, “and I would say this one is probably, time wise, one of the lower time commitments.”

She said besides not having to dedicate too much time, Raiders Rojos does not demand as much money from members as other alumni associations.

“We have a great appreciation for time and any financial contribution,” Ramirez said.

Although the Raiders Rojos Alumni does not demand members’ money, many members do donate money that is then given out in the form of scholarships.

Ramirez said the scholarships are given to any student who is either Hispanic or a first-generation college student.

She said in order to apply for the scholarship, students need only fill out the application on the Raiders Rojos website.

She said the organization also puts on a convocation ceremony for those who join upon graduation. Ramirez said these students obtain a cultural stoll that can then be worn at graduation.

For more information on how to join Raiders Rojos, email Rebecca Ramirez at or visit the website at

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